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Preacher:  Jason (full text: Colossans 1:1-8)



We want to help get new folks connected as soon as we can and in the most efficient way possible.  Here’s what you can do to help us do make that happen:  Have them complete a Blue Card and then have someone from your class drop it off in our office that morning.  This allows us to immediately get their names and information into our data base so they can better connect with anything related to your small group.  Thanks!


School Supply Drive for Wester & Nat Williams Elementary Schools

My wife, Michelle, is a public school teacher.  I wish I could tell you how much money we’ve spent out of our own pocket over the years to but school supplies for children who simply cannot afford to buy them on their own.  It’s a huge need.

BHBC is again answering that need.

We are asking different classes to focus on specific items to collect.  For instance, one class:  pencils.  Another class: folders.  Etc.  I will ask Doryme to create an online sign-up form that you can access and sign your class up for a specific item to collect.  The online form will allow you to see which classes have chosen which item.

You can go ahead and get an idea of what’s needed by clicking here for Wester, and here for Nat Williams.  (As of this posting, Williams still has their 2017-18 supply list posted but I’m certain it’s fairly the same this school year.)

Collection for the school supplies will take place at our End-of-Summer event.  See next news item…


End-of-Summer Swim Party!  August 12th!

6:30-8:30pm; Lubbock Water Rampage

$5 per person/$20 max per family.

Hamburgers will be sold.  Proceeds will go toward tables & chairs for new educational building.

A designated site for School Supplies Collection will be available as well.



It’s part of what I call The Art of Welcoming.

Remember when you first visited a church you’d never visited before?  Most likely not.

Our Ambassador Training is a strategy for making certain guests feel warmly welcomed and at home “from the parking lot to the pew.”  This involves friendly faces in the parking lot, at the doors, and at Welcome Stations throughout the church.

Does this sound like a ministry you might enjoy?  Or, does a name come to mind who might love this?  Give them a heads-up.

When & Where?  Wed. evening, 7pm, July 18th, in the FLC.  Dessert will be served!

RSVP to Mike Lewis:



Classes begin October 2nd here at BHBC!

We’re presently working on what class will be offered.  This will be a Masters-Level course.  For those not wanting to pursue a degree, you can audit the class (BH Carroll calls a person who audits a class a “reader.”)  Cost for a “reader” who is a member of BHBC:  Absolutely nothing.  This is a rare opportunity to grow deeper in your theological training.  For those wanting to audit, but are not members of BHBC, their cost in only $40.

Classes will take place one evening per week. Classes are 8 weeks.

All students seeking degrees will apply and register online at BH Carroll’s web site.

Reasons I believe partnering with BH Carroll is an outstanding opportunity:

  1. Everyone has easy access to sound theological learning
  2. Deeper understanding of the Bible gives us boldness to, both, share our faith and defend our faith.
  3. All Summit/Small Group leaders will have access to Masters-Level training to help them teach with more confidence that comes from a richer understanding of God’s Word.

More info to come.



This August, considered one of Tolkien’s lost tales, “The Fall of Gondolin” hits the shelves for the very first time.

“We never dared to dream that we would see this published,” said Shaun Gunner, chair of the Tolkien Society, on the group’s webpage.

Read the CNET story here.



The Multiverse Theory is the latest attempt by non-Christian physicists to eliminate God from being the “un-caused cause” (as Thomas Aquinas coined the phrase) i.e. the creator of the universe.

Here, in this brief 5 minute video, astrophysicist, Brian Keating – University of California, San Diego – answers the question, “What’s the greater leap of faith?”




Wed. Evening Studies & Activities resume:  8/22

Church Wide Movie Night:  “I Can Only Imagine” – 9/30

UnApologetics Conference:  11/17 – Read on…



It would be futile for me to attempt to convey how excited I am about this event heading our way in November.

“Un-Apologetics” is a play on words meaning, in essence, “being unapologetic about Christian apologetics (defending the Christian faith).”  As I’ve mentioned before, the English word “apologetics”, is derived from the Greek word –apologia – Peter uses for “logical defense” in 1 Peter 3:15.

Keynote speakers for this include Sean McDowell and Nancy Pearcey.  You may have heard of Josh McDowell over the years. Sean, is his son, and a professor of apologetics at Biola University in southern California.  Nancy Pearcey is a professor of apologetics and scholar in residence at Houston Baptist University.  Both McDowell and Pearcey are prolific authors.

I would categorize this as a “not to be missed” event and a gold-mine of a resource for all Summit/Small Group Leaders.


QUOTE of the WEEK:

And in light of our nation’s birthday,…




GRACE NOTES:  How Jesus Found Me at Harvard

The powerful story of how Harvard professor, Mark Shepard, came to faith in Christ.  Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick