The Navigator: 8.23.18


Preacher:  Jason

Text:  Proverbs 3:5-6


Update on Leader Meetings

It has been an absolute joy meeting with our Summit/Small Group Leadership.

Thank you for allowing me the time to get a better handle on “all things small groups.”  I can tell you this:  we have a solid team of leaders with a deep devotion to biblical teaching, learning and shepherding.

As I stated when I visited with you, I am here to shepherd you, encourage you, equip you and provide you with every possible resource available to help your class, both, learn and apply the Word of God.

The mantra I mentioned in every meeting was the paradigm-shifting quote from Thom Shultz:

“The question should not be, ‘Was there any great Bible teaching?’, but rather, ‘Was there any great Bible learning?”

We can spend hours preparing.  But, if no one is “picking up what we’re putting down,” we’re wasting our time – and theirs.

In next week’s Navigator E-News I will include a full list of our teaching faculty, what class they teach, what time they teach, and what they’re teaching.  This is to help everyone know what Christ is doing in our midst on a larger scale.  In addition, this will begin my plan to build camaraderie among our team as many have no idea who our other teachers are.

Lastly, classrooms are presently being assigned.  Hopefully, a full list, complete with a map of the new space, will be available next week.  There is much to be excited about.  Love to you all. nw

And speaking of solid biblical teaching and learning…


I am proud to officially announce that BHBC is partnering with BH Carroll Theological Institute to provide  seminary/graduate level learning for the West Texas region.

An individual has the choice:  if they desire to pursue a Masters Degree in a particular theological discipline they can register and pay full tuition (which is inexpensive when compared to “brick & mortar” graduate schools) via BH Carroll’s web site.  Or, if you simply desire to learn without pursuing a degree you can audit the class free of charge if you are a member of BHBC.  Solid theological education has never been been easier to attain.  And if an individual is not a member of BHBC, and they want to audit the class, their fee is a mere $40.

Should you desire to audit (BH Carroll uses the term “reader” instead of “auditor”) you can begin the registration process here.   In the event you desire to pursue a degree you can access BH Carroll’s web site here.   What follows are the specifics of this Fall’s term:

Name of Class:  Leadership in Ministry (MFLDS 5111)

What you’ll learn:  A study of the principles and practices of leadership for Christian ministry.  It includes reflections on the role and ministry of leaders within church, community, and denomination.  This course will be broadcast through Carroll Live to BHBC.

Professor:  Gene Wilkes Ph.D. is the President of B.H. Carroll Theological Institute.  He is a professor of New Testament and Leadership. He earned the MDiv and Ph.D. degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He graduated from Baylor University where he earned a BA in Greek and Religion.

Time & Location:  Tuesdays, 6:30-9:15 p.m. in room 109 (first floor, new building)

Classes begin: October 2nd and end November 20th

FBC Midland members may audit at no charge.   Non-BHBC-members pay $40 to audit.

Registration is open August 27th through September 26th


We had great attendance this past Wed. evening as we resumed our verse-by-verse study of this apocalyptic, and final, book in our Bible.

Next Wed., 8/29:  Chapter 12 – We digress a bit from what we learned in chapter 11 as God gives us insight into the dragon/satan’s relentless pursuit to prevent God’s plan for salvation.  Further, we are reminded of the unfathomable power of the blood of Christ and its devastating effect on all efforts of the enemy.  6:30pm.  Worship Center.

For all other Wed. Night Community Connection classes check BHBC’s web site here.


Sunday evening, Sep. 30th:  A perfect church-wide event for the purpose of inviting an un-churched or hurting friend.  This movie portrays the liberating power of forgiveness.   More on this soon.


New Building Dedication:  Sunday, Oct. 7th

Summit Groups:  8am & 10:45  (more on these logistics soon)

One combined celebration service:  9:15


Please keep this event on your radar.  Saturday, Nov. 17th; 9am-4:30pm.  BHBC.

Receive renewed confidence in your faith.  Learn how to dialogue intelligently about your faith.



Related quote: 

“God is not ours.  He is his own. He is not a salad bar where we take the items we have an appetite for and leave the others.  He’s not the Burger King God where we ‘have him our way,’ or a Build-a-Bear God where we assemble the deity we like best.”  J.D. Greear



Apparently, this student is extremely literal.  Unfortunately, the teacher had no mercy.


GRACE NOTES:  This is What’s On My Mind…

As I study the scriptures I can’t help but feel an urgency to share Christ with others.  This week’s blog is an invitation I posted on my Facebook page recently, inviting anyone and everyone to contact me should they be open to dialogue about the Christian faith.  I’ve had some takers.  And the dialogue has been powerful.  Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick