The Navigator: 9.20.18


Preacher:  Nick

Text:  Revelation 7:9-10 (You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Even Though We’re Different)


We’re so close….

Yep – we’re still waiting on the Fire Marshall to sign off on the new building.  But this I know: he’s been up here this week checking things off.  Hopefully, this coming Sunday, 9/23, will be your final day in your present classroom.  Hopefully.

That said, I want to encourage every small group leader to give your entire class a tour of your new classroom.  Should we receive our Certificate of Occupancy in the next few days, Sep. 30th will be our first day in our new classrooms.  Introducing your class to the location of your new classroom will help them get a head start on easily finding it on the 30th.  Also, they will no doubt be excited to see how large the classrooms are.

So, dismiss a few minutes early and lead a “guided tour.”



Hopefully, this map will make sense.   It’s a birds-eye view with the bottom of the map being the south side of the building (facing 54th St.)  The left side of the map points west toward the Commons, while the right side points east toward the FLC.

1st Floor:

Map of Room Assignments - 1st floor


2nd Floor:

Map of Room Assignments - 2nd floor



From this past week’s Revelation study – “the Lord God Almighty”…

From the world of physics you’ve no doubt heard the term “quantum physics” or “quantum mechanics.”  The adjective “quantum” means “quantity”.  In the context of physics it means “the least quantum/quantity of evidence for something.”

Photons are the presently known smallest particle/evidence of what we know to be light.  (This is will be an important piece of information in a moment.)

I am still wading through Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, by astrophysicist, Neil Tyson.  In the early chapters he does his best to describe what cosmologists refer to as the moment of singularity – when the cosmos began (what is commonly referred to as the Big Bang.) He writes,

“…the interplay of matter in the form of subatomic particles, and energy in the form of photons was incessant. The universe was hot enough for these photons to spontaneously convert their energy into matter-antimatter particle pairs, which immediately thereafter annihilate, returning their energy back to photons…

“Shortly before, during, and after the strong and electroweak forces parted company, the universe was a seething soup of quarks, leptons, and their antimatter siblings, along with bosons, the particles that enable their interactions…

“…the continuous creation, annihilation, and re-creation of quarks and antiquarks, electrons and antielectrons (better known as positrons), and neutrinos and antineutrinos.

“As the cosmos continued to expand and cool, growing larger than the size of our solar system, the temperature dropped rapidly below a trillion degrees Kelvin.

What Tyson describes – this process of quarks, leptons and neutrinos forming what would become our universe – must have taken place over a great deal of time.  Then he drops this bomb:

“A millionth of a second has passed since the beginning.”

The Bible puts it this way:

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Thus is our Almighty God.



See the August 23rd Navigator for all the info regarding the fast upcoming start of class for B.H. Carroll.  Registration is now open.  Class begins Oct. 2nd.



Thursday evening, Sep. 27th – Singing Men Concert.  70 men from the West Texas and Panhandle regions will present a concert in the BHBC Worship Center.  7pm.  Free.

Sunday evening, Sep. 30th –  Movie Night:  “I Can Only Imagine.” A perfect church-wide event for the purpose of inviting an un-churched or hurting friend.  This movie portrays the liberating power of forgiveness.

Tuesday, Oct. 2nd – B.H. Carroll Theological Institute classes begin.  Member of BHBC and desire to audit the class for free?  Click here.  Pursuing a Masters Degree?  Register here.

 Sunday, Oct. 7th – New Building Dedication:  Summit Groups will meet at 8am & 9:15  (10:45 classes will need to adjust; more on these logistics soon)  One combined celebration service at 10:45am.

Wed., Oct. 31st – Fall Fest – 6-8pm

Saturday, Nov. 17th – [Un]Apologetic Conference (sponsored by the BGCT).  For Info and Registration click here.






GRACE NOTES:  The Supernatural World

The supernatural world exists.  Read the very brief blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick