The Navigator: 10.27.18


Preacher:  Jason

Text:  Matthew 6:9-13 (The “Lord’s Prayer”)


This Wed., Oct. 31st; 6-8pm; BHBC; Contact Dana Kluzek if available to help.


The display is located in the Commons, just west of the fireplace. 

Boxes are available this Sunday, 10/28.  Instructions are attached and inside.


New handrails are up!

We know we’ve had a couple of “missteps” since occupying the new building.  Hopefully, these handrails will alleviate any further safety concerns. 🙂

You’ll see in the pics below that rails are located not only directly in front of the new entrance, but to both sides as well.


Saturday, Nov. 17th, 9am-4pm.

I cannot overstate how rare an opportunity this is for our church and believers throughout our region.

Christ has provided for us the best of the best for our keynote speakers.  And, except for me :), outstanding breakout session leaders.

A copy of the flier below is in this Sunday’s box.  Please distribute one to every member of your class.  All registration is handled online through the BGCT.

Even if you can’t attend due to a conflict, your excitement will ignite excitement in your class.


NOTE:  The next two items were included in last week’s Navigator.  I include them this week simply as a friendly reminder. 🙂


1 . Brief “welcome” to all guests.  We pray for hurting and searching people to join us.  So, every single week – just as we do in “big church” – we need to devote just a minute to welcoming guests and encouraging them to complete a blue Connect Card (see pic below).  The biblical term “pastor” means “shepherd.”  As a class leader you are also a shepherd of the flock entrusted to you by God. Our staff contacts these guests every single week and then we funnel names to respective class leadership.  Make sure guests know there is no “pressure” to complete a card.  But that it helps us better shepherd them.

2 . The Gospel.  Here’s what I mean: This past week I visited with a man whose faithfully attended our church for decades.  He told me his story of how, for years, he attended Sunday School while having never once professed his faith in Christ until another church member finally asked him about it.  My point is this:  never assume that, just because a person attends a small group, they’re saved.  A simple statement like the following – or something similar – could change someone’s life: “You’ll make no greater decision in your life than to trust Christ as your Savior. If you’ve never done that please talk to me or one of our leaders after class.”



Virtually everyone finds the information they’re looking for nowadays online. 

I am in conversations with our web master about creating an attractive, informative and simple-to-navigate SUMMIT Group web page located within the main BHBC web site.  Here is what I’ll soon be soon asking from you:

1. A photo

2. A 4 or 5 sentence blurb about you and what your class is presently studying.

I will then include start-times, room assignments in both list and map views, as well as web links pertinent to biblical teaching and learning.






GRACE NOTES:  Paranormal Activity


I like to post this blog I wrote (a few years ago) the week before Halloween.  Ghosts, goblins & witches are all on display this week!  And it’s all in fun, right?  There are no such thing as ghosts.  Right?  Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick