The Navigator: 1.19.19


This past Tuesday (1/15) i finally went to the dr and was diagnosed with bronchitis, upper respiratory infection, and what the dr described as “this head stuff going around.”  I ended up getting a shot and a load of prescriptions – including cough syrup with codeine which I have come to quite enjoy 🙂

All that to say, I hadn’t forgotten about sending you this weekly Enews.  Honestly, I simply do no remember much of the week.

So, rather than wait until the publication of next week’s Navigator, here are just a couple of quick notes/reminders for you:


This Sunday, 1/20:

SonShiner Choir

Preacher: Jason (final sermon in current series, “Sacred Selfies”; Luke 6:27-35)



I’ve received what I need from Agape & Special Friends.  For the rest of you guys,…

It’s time to begin getting me the following:

  1. a photo of  you and your leadership
  2. a brief personal bio (4 sentences, or so)
  3. a brief introduction/overview of your present curriculum (4 sentences, or so)

Why are we doing this?  I’ve had guests tell me they’re having to visit numerous classes just so they can know who’s teaching what.  This very thing I’m asking you to do here is a result of my conversations with those guests.  In this age where everyone goes to their phone/device for information, this will help greatly.

Deadline to have your stuff in is Sunday, Feb. 3rd.



NOTE:  I want to thank Jason Atchley for covering for me this past week due to me being ill.  He will also cover for me this coming week.  See below for explanation.

Class options:

Lord, Change My Attitude – Jason Atchley; Rm. 109

Minor Prophets with a Major Message – Nick Watts; Rm. 108

Put Your Warrior Boots On – Wellspring Sisters Women’s Study; Rm. 215

Baptist History – Michael Dain; Rm. 219

GriefShare – Tom & Diane Heath – Rm. 209

Divorce Care – Isaias & Sonya Martinez; Rm. 211

Strength to Love (prodigal child support – Cam Johnston; off campus, call for details



The above heading is the title of my talk I present for public schools and churches on the topic of suicide.

I declined accepting invitations to speak on this topic in 2018 due to the overwhelming number of speaking engagements I accepted in 2017.  (It did not take me long to understand how large an emotional toll these engagements take on me.)

At present, I have only accepted two for the Winter/Spring of 2019.

The first one is next Wed., 1/23, at Lubbock Cooper High School’s Summit Regional Student Leadership Conference.  To have someone speak on the topic of suicide was actually voted upon by the teens themselves.  Over the course of the day, I will present my talk 4 times to hundreds of teens and adults.  By the end of the day, I will be an emotional mess.  So, Jason has graciously agreed to cover my Wed. night class on the 23rd.

Your prayers are appreciated.



Registration opens ‪February 11.

Dr. Matt Baird is scheduled to teach New Testament I (SWBLI 5211).

The term ‪begins Tuesday, March 19. Final class is Tuesday, May 7.

Here is the course description: An introduction to the Gospels. These writings will be studied in terms of historical setting, religious background, literary composition, theological message, and interrelationship with the Old Testament.

This is meaty content for equipping all believers as well as teachers.

Please promote this among your respective classes. BHBC members can attend for ZERO dollars. It’s never been easier to receive graduate level training.

Student Ministry Fund-Raiser: Feb. 10, 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
500 flapjacks! (gluten free cakes available) 100 Lbs of bacon!
Donations are accepted to assist cost of youth experiences for:
Winter Retreat – Telluride, CO
Mission Trip: Washington, DC
Middle School Camp: Capitan, NM
High School Camp: Windermere, MO