The Navigator: 2.7.19



Preacher:  Jason

Text:  Matthew 6:1-4



THANK YOU to all who have gotten me your info regarding your class.  Please know I am not going to launch the SUMMIT Group Web page until I receive all class info I’ve requested.   PLEASE help me succeed. 🙂

I still need photos, brief bios & a brief description of current curriculum from:

ROYCE WILLIAMS (A)  – Glenna Applewhite

SINGLES – Mike & Susie Harendt

BASE CAMP – Isaias Martinez


FORMERLY “PARENTS OF YOUTH” – Michael Dain, Gail White

OPEN DOOR – Tom Heath

THE MIX – Mel & Dormye Halbrooks



I stumbled across the quote below on my Twitter feed.  19th century British preacher, Charles Spurgeon, is one of my favorites.  Note his words here as to the vital spiritual nature of community and fellowship within the Body.  Where do people find community and fellowship?  Not “big church”.

They find true believers fellowship (koinonia: κοινωνία, cf. Acts 2:42) in the small group.

That’s where they connect with people on a deeper level.

That’s where they begin to open up and feel safe.

It’s the relationships they make within the context of the small group that keeps them coming back. nw


BACON FEST: THIS SUNDAY, 2/10; 8:30 am – 1:30 pm

Location:  FLC

500 flapjacks! (gluten free cakes available) 100 Lbs of bacon!

What is “Bacon Fest?”  a Student Ministry Fund-Raiser to help offset costs of the following 2019 events:  (no cost; donations only): 

Winter Retreat – Telluride, CO;

Mission Trip: Washington, DC;

Middle School Camp: Capitan, NM;

High School Camp: Windermere, MO



This past Wed., we mined the message of Joel.

Following a devastating locust invasion – unprecedented in its amount of damage – God instructed Joel to use the locusts as a living illustration of the judgment to come on Judah if they did not repent of their luke-warm, indifferent approach to God.

One passage we camped out on for a few minutes was 2:25, in which God says to Judah,

“I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten.”

This is an extraordinary statement because God doesn’t say he’ll restore “stuff”, but “years”.

Can God actually restore joy to our lives that pain and heartache have stolen from us over time?  What about the broken spouse who’s just ended a 20 year marriage?  Or, the guilt-ridden addict who, after spending most of their adult life in chemical bondage, has finally decided to get clean?  Or, the grieving family whose son took his own life after losing his battle with depression?

Can God “restore” the “life” we’ve lost.

God says, emphatically, “I not only can – I will.”

From the moment we put our trust and faith in Christ, the “restoration” is put in motion.  Some of us see tangible evidence of “restoration” here on planet earth.  (Job’s livestock and wealth were restored to him twofold on earth.) Others of us won’t see restoration until we leave this planet. (Job’s children who were  lost in 1:18-19 were restored to him in heaven.) But the promise of restoration remains – and is in effect.

Because of the Cross and the Empty Tomb, our redemption and restoration is now possible.  The risen Jesus Christ was our preview of the restoration to come.




New song I’ll be leading this week in the early service.  The lyrics are so powerful.  Enjoy.



Registration opens ‪February 11.  (That’s Monday!)

Dr. Matt Baird is scheduled to teach New Testament I – The Gospels (SWBLI 5211).

The term ‪begins Tuesday, March 19. Final class is Tuesday, May 7.

Here is the course description: An introduction to the Gospels. These writings will be studied in terms of historical setting, religious background, literary composition, theological message, and interrelationship with the Old Testament.

This is meaty content for equipping all believers as well as teachers.

Please promote this among your respective classes. BHBC members can attend for ZERO dollars. It’s never been easier to receive graduate level training.



“The problem with modern disrespect is simple: Kids today don’t know the fear of hearing leather rapidly being removed through 7 Wrangler belt loops.”




GRACE NOTES:  Why is there Something Instead of Nothing?

Thinking deeply about the argument for the existence of God.  Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick