The Navigator: 4.19.19



Preacher:  Jason; Broken to Restore; Luke 24:13-21



***No Saturday evening service as in years past.***

8am – Added Worship Service (choir will not sing in this service; music will be more along the style of the 10:45 service)

9:15am – Regular worship service

10:45am – Regular worship service

***All SUMMIT Groups meet as normal.


Summit Group Cancellation Protocol…

I had a good visit with a Summit Group leader this past week regarding this topic and, as a result, thought to myself, “I don’t think I’ve ever made my policy on this topic clear to everyone who leads a Summit Group.”  (Note:  I’m referring here to cancelling your class on a Sunday not already designated for all classes to cancel, as on a holiday weekend or for a special event.)

Let me be clear – this has not been an issue since I’ve taken over the leadership of our biblical teaching/learning ministry a year ago.  This is merely an FYI in the event that you ever need to consider canceling your class on Sunday any time in the future.

This isn’t my first rodeo.  At one former church, I oversaw more youth classes than we have adult classes here at BHBC.   As you would expect, working with that many people forced me a few times to learn some lessons the hard way.  But, experience can be a great teacher.  And, based on those lessons, I developed a policy that has always been well-received and successful.

Three preliminary thoughts:

  1. A “button” of mine is incompetence.  Here’s what I mean: let’s say a guest shows up on a given Sunday only to find that the class they had planned to attend had been cancelled – and I have to say to them, “I had no idea they had cancelled.”  Embarrassment is not a strong enough word for how I would feel as I appear to be completely incompetent, incapable of doing my job.
  2. Every Sunday during the greeting, I tell guests in both worship services we have been expecting them.  Showing up to a dark, empty class communicates just the opposite.
  3. It never fails.  During my years in student ministry,  when we cancelled our mid-week gathering for Spring Break, or were all gone on a mission trip or camp, etc., invariably, the week we were gone that student who hadn’t attended in forever finally showed up.  You just never know.  And because of this, we’ve got to always go above and beyond to be prepared.

Protocol for cancelling a Summit Group (outside of a church-wide cancellation):

  1. Please notify me ahead of time, allowing me to, both, approve the cancellation and begin preparing for your cancellation.
  2. If approved, I will contact another Summit Group that will be able to absorb any members of the cancelled class that may show up that particular Sunday.
  3. Signage will be placed on the cancelled class’s door notifying any class members unaware of the cancellation where they are to meet that particular Sunday.

Two final thoughts…

An axiom of any type of church Small Group ministry is to “shepherd the roll, not the class.” Translation: don’t limit your scope of your flock to only those who regularly attend.  Take note, also, of those who are on your roll but haven’t been in a while.  Because the week you’re not there is the week they may show up.

Lastly, I’m not a legalist.  After serving here at BHBC over ten years, hopefully you know that about me.   Although I don’t believe cancelling your class is ever best, I do realize special circumstance may warrant a consideration to do so.  In effectively planning for this, it’s critical that we’re on the same page. Having a protocol in place allows us to do this.  nw


Christianity requires faith.  But it’s not blind faith.

Read this brief, excellently written article on four “minimal facts” regarding the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  You can access the article here.


SUMMIT Group Leaders Luncheon – Sunday, May 5th; we’ll be done by 1pm-ish

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  1. The pastor’s vision for inter-generational fellowship & ministry.  Without your ideas and questions this will not be successful.
  2. The critical result of shepherding – and not shepherding – your flock.



Colson - resurrection

And a bonus…

“Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.”




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Soli Deo Gloria, Nick