The Navigator: 5.9.19



Preacher:  Jason

Primary Text:  1 John 2:3-11



Thank You!  We had tremendous attendance at last week’s assembly.  Thanks to Tami Hines & her team for feeding us well.

  1. Theological Framework:  Hopefully, I was able to clearly communicate the seriousness of your leadership role.  Sure, teaching is both rewarding and fun, but, according to God, this role should be taken very seriously: Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.James 3:1
  2. Shepherding:  For the sake of clarity, the roll sheet I gave to each of you is to serve as a supplement to our present, church-wide system for keeping attendance.  You do not have to use the roll I  distributed if you already have in place an effective strategy for shepherding  your sheep.
  3. Weekly Attendance/Kiosks:  Our present system for keeping careful records where attendance is concerned is making certain everyone registers at a kiosk.  The onus for “banging this drum” falls on our class teachers/leaders to, weekly, make certain/encourage everyone in your class to take the time to check in online.  Help them to understand this is they method we use currently to help us shepherd each individual more responsibly.  If you have folks who are uncomfortable and/or unfamiliar with computers, please assign someone in your class to enter their information for them.  Bottom line: gather their information (somehow) so that we can shepherd them.
  4. Blue Cards:  Please, make certain that you encourage guests to complete a Blue Card.  This allows us to enter them into our system and to begin shepherding them.
  5. Contacting Absentees:  As I visited with a few of our leaders who attended the luncheon, we discussed the task of contacting folks who have been consistently absent.  This is a rudimentary small group leadership skill.  Additionally, it’s a leader’s biblical obligation i.e. shepherd’s care for the sheep to whom they’ve been entrusted.  As I mentioned, I have had conversations with two members, one of whom has moved their membership to another church, who mentioned they had been absent for many months without a single contact from their small group.
  6. Be on Time:  Lastly, as I also mentioned, the very morning of our luncheon, a person showed up for class at 9:15 and found it empty and dark.  I know many classes begin closer to 9:30, but we advertise “9:15.”  We can’t very well tell guests in our worship services “we’ve been expecting you” when our actions tell them otherwise.  So, even if you don’t typically begin until 9:30, please make certain someone is at your door by 9:15.



Below you will find to which class you’ve been connected.  To provide some healthy accountability, please find a time to meet with the leadership of the other class by Father’s Day, June 16th. Discuss ideas as to how to connect regarding fellowship, church attendance and service (and however else you may decide will help accomplish our goal.)

Again, as I stated, this will take time.  There is absolutely no need to rush it or to “make it happen.”  Don’t force it.  Just do it. (Thank you, Nike)  What’s important is that we simply start the ball rolling.

Certainly, every combination below involves people connecting with others of different ages, but an additional blessing of this strategy is that it will aid in the de-fragmentation of the local Body known as BHBC.

I have listed the name of the classes as well as their leader.

Contact me with questions for assistance at any time.  I am here to help set you up for complete success and help alleviate any unforeseen difficulties.

Generations (Bruce Cottrell) & Young Adults (Shawn Coleman)

Duncan A  (Glenna Applewhite) & Basecamp (Isaias Martinez)

Ladies’ (Sandy Smith) & Singles (Mike & Susie Harendt)

Agape’ (Gib Weaver) & Travelers (Brad Whitaker/James St. Clair)

Duncan B (Larry Viaille) & Transitions (Michael Dain)

Open Door (Tom Heath) & The Village (Matt Flaniken & Justin Schoepf)

Wellspring (Laura McGrew) & The Mix  (Mel & Dormye Halbrooks) & Friends of God (Rosie Rodriquez)

University (Shawn Coleman) – Young adults will be involved in helping connect with the University ministry.



How much do I appreciate all you do?   Make plans to attend our very first Summit Leadership (and spouses) Appreciation Dinner and you’ll find out. 🙂

Date:  Sunday Evening, October 6th; 6pm; FLC

Prepare to be appreciated. 



I saw this quote and thought it was very good where marriage conflict is concerned.  (We men can be hard-headed and find difficulty in making changes in our behavior.)





GRACE NOTES:  The Old Rugged Cross

This is the first time in six years the exact date of my son’s suicide has fallen on the exact day.  It was Monday, May 13th, 2013.  I penned this blog not too long after I found him.  I hope it brings you peace as it has for me.  Read my blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick