The Navigator: 5.23.19


THIS SUNDAY, 5/26 – Memorial Day Weekend

Preacher:  Jason

Primary Text:  1 John 2:18-28



Below is a photo from the moment Brandon Brits proposed to our daughter, Kelsie, on the Showboat Branson Belle last week while we were there moving my younger daughter, Macy, to Branson to start work.  Weddings (yes, that’s plural) are August 16th in Johannesburg, South Africa, and in Branson, MO, on August. 20th.  Here we go! 🙂


VBS! June 10-13

Theme:  “In the Wild: Amazing Encounters with Jesus”

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It’s a great question:

“What evidence is there – outside of the Bible – for (1) Jesus existing, or (2) performing miracles, or (3) actually being crucified?”

One of my “life purposes” as a pastor is to help equip Christians to be able to have confident, intelligent dialogue where the Christian faith is concerned.

That said, the next time you are confronted with this type of honest question kindly produce for them the following historical facts from extrabiblical (outside the Bible) sources.  (This is a wonderful resource to provide for your class members.)

Enjoy the resource here.




Below you will find to which class you’ve been connected.  To provide some healthy accountability, please find a time to meet with the leadership of the other class by Father’s Day, June 16th. Discuss ideas as to how to connect regarding fellowship, church attendance and service (and however else you may decide will help accomplish our goal.)

There is absolutely no need to rush it or to “make it happen.”  Don’t force it.  Just do it. What’s important is that we simply start the ball rolling.

I have listed the name of the classes as well as their leader.

Contact me with questions for assistance at any time.  I am here to help set you up for complete success and help alleviate any unforeseen difficulties.

Generations (Bruce Cottrell) & Young Adults (Shawn Coleman)

Duncan A  (Glenna Applewhite) & Basecamp (Isaias Martinez)

Ladies’ (Sandy Smith) & Singles (Mike & Susie Harendt)

Agape’ (Gib Weaver) & Travelers (Brad Whitaker/James St. Clair)

Duncan B (Larry Viaille) & Transitions (Michael Dain)

Open Door (Tom Heath) & The Village (Matt Flaniken & Justin Schoepf)

Wellspring (Laura McGrew) & The Mix  (Mel & Dormye Halbrooks) & Friends of God (Rosie Rodriquez)

University (Shawn Coleman) – Young adults will be involved in helping connect with the University ministry.



How much do I appreciate all you do?   Make plans to attend our very first Summit Leadership (and spouses) Appreciation Dinner and you’ll find out. 🙂

Date:  Sunday Evening, October 6th; 6pm; FLC

Prepare to be appreciated. 


A solid article about the great people of Lubbock…

The author, Amanda Cargill, lives in Brooklyn, NY.  I suspect this is why she classifies Lubbock as “small town.”  Nonetheless, Cargill does a respectable job of describing the beauty that is Lubbock and surrounding west Texas.  Enjoy the article here.






GRACE NOTES:  Foolish Faith

Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick