The Navigator: 6.13.19

NOTE:  Due to Nick being out, there will be no Navigator E-News the next few weeks.  Next publication will be July 11th.



THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 16th – Father’s Day

Preacher:  Nick

Primary Text:  1 John 5:13-21



I am the Staff Liaison to the Missions Team.  “Missions” can take on different mental & theological images in the mind of a believer.  At its heart, “missions” is “evangelism.”  In the passage above (Acts 1:8), Jesus made it clear that “missions” may happen across the globe or across the street.

We’ve had two people on our team who needed to resign due to other needs in their lives that wouldn’t allow them to devote necessary time to our various evangelistic endeavors.  Do you know of anyone in your class who may enjoy serving on our team?  Simply let me know and I will contact them.  nw



  • Visit with your “inter-generational Summit Group leadership partners” by this Sunday, June 16th, to simply get the ball rolling on our effort to de-fragment our Body.
  • July 7thOne Bible-Learning hour at 9:15; One worship service at 10:45.
  • Immediately below is the modified classroom assignments for July 7th.  We have used this model before and it seemed to work well.  Please notify your folks.  And, please let me know if I need to adjust your room in any way. nw

108 – Agape

Worship Center – Open Door

110 – Ladies (Smith)

208 – Duncan combined (Note: we’re recommending the combined classes here based on the logic that, if the early class meets at 8am, after class you would have to wait almost 90 minutes before the 10:45 worship service begins.  Of course, the 8am class is certainly free to meet at 8am should you desire to do so, understanding the situation I’ve stated here.)

209 – Travelers

210 – Wellspring

211 – Singles

212 – The Village

215 – Base Camp

216 – Generations

217 – Young Adults & University

218 – The Mix

219 – Transitions

FLC – Special Friends



This one’s for the guys…

And a bonus for us preachers & teachers…

The long-time pastor/professor/theologian, Haddon Robinson, once prayed,

“God, if these people knew about me what you know about me, they wouldn’t listen to a word I said.”



Jeb: My dad got those hair implants a few days ago.

Cletus: Really – how’d it go?

Jeb: Well, here’s the funny thing. They were out of human hair so they had to use dog hair.

Cletus: Uh, how’d that work out? Is he ok??

Jeb: He’s great. The only thing is – every time we go somewhere we can’t keep him from sticking his head out the car window.

And a bonus: Universal Laws

1. If you dial a wrong number, someone always answers.

2. The probability of seeing someone you know increases dramatically when you don’t want to be seen.

3. When you try to prove to someone/mechanic/repairman that something won’t work, it will.

4. After your hands are coated with grease, your face will itch and you’ll need to use the restroom.

5. Any tool, nut, bolt or screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible location.

6. The severity of an itch is inversely proportional to one’s reach.

7. If you’re driving and need to return a text, you will hit every green light. If you’re running late, you will catch every red light.

8. If you are carrying your groceries – or stuff from work – to the car in your right arm arm, your keys will be in your right pocket. Or vice-versa.

9. If there are only two people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers.


GRACE NOTES:  The God Who Hurts Us

I have no idea why, but a blog I wrote over a year ago was view thousands of time the past couple of weeks.  Perhaps the Holy Spirit is prompting me to re-post it in this e-news.   Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick