The Navigator: 7.25.19



Preacher:  Jason (Jason begins a new series this Sunday on the family.)

Primary Text:  Mark 3:31-35



I presume you all know by now that beloved, long-time BHBC member and servant-leader, Mary Satterwhite, passed away this past week.

Visitation: Lakeridge Chapel, Friday, 7/26, 7-9pm

Memorial Service:  Sat., 7/27; BHBC; 11am



I am married to a school teacher.  Every summer, as we walk through a store that is stocked up on school supplies, Michelle will start piling pencils and folders in our basket for the sole purpose of handing them out to children whose families have a difficult time purchasing these items on their own.

This Sunday, you will find in your tray a list of supplies needed by August 12th.  Each class has been assigned specific items.  Would you please encourage your class to help?  Thank you so much.



Classes begin August 21st; 6:30pm

Nick Watts – Galatians & James: The Balance Between Grace & Works; Rm 108

Drew Flores – Philippians; Rm 109

Tom Heath – GriefShare; Rm 209

Isaias & Sony Martinez – DivorceCare; Rm 211

Michael Dain – Doctrines; Rm 219

Wellspring – TBA



For those classes looking for mission projects either solely for your class, or for your inter-generational emphasis, look no further than Lubbock Impact.

Our Missions Team chairman, Matt Hensen, contacted Impact director, Rory Thomas, and received the following reply:  “It would be a God send”.  Everything from cooking together for casserole fundraiser to cleaning a never ending project.

Simply contact Rory at 806-799-4329 and she can offer options and details.  For further information, see Lubbock Impact’s web site here.



The mercy and grace of God through Christ isn’t fair.

Thank God it isn’t fair.

From my favorite author…

“Jesus forgave a thief dangling on a cross, knowing full well the thief had converted out of plain fear.  That thief would never study the Bible, never attend synagogue or church, and never make amends to those he had wronged.  He simply said, “Jesus, remember me,” and Jesus promised, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.”  It was another shocking reminder that grace does not depend on what we have done for God, but rather what God has done for us.”  Philip Yancey




“Ever wish you were as fat as the first time you thought you were getting fat?”

And a bonus…

One day a blonde (no offense to blondes; i was blonde – once) was putting together a puzzle. She was stumped and very frustrated and decided to ask her husband for help. He told her to look at the picture on the box since puzzle boxes always put a pic of the finished puzzle on the lid. She hollered, “It’s supposed to be a tiger!” Her husband came to help her and said, “Honey, put the Frosted Flakes back in the box.”

How about one more bonus?…

Heard on a low-budget airline: “Ladies & gentlemen, we’ve reached cruising altitude and will be turning down the lights. This is for your comfort and to enhance the appearance of our flight attendants.”



GRACE NOTES:  For Those Who Laugh at the Thought of a Real Devil

You can’t fight an enemy you either don’t know – or refuse to know – exists.  And Satan knows this.  Read my blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick


The Navigator: 7.3.19

Have a wonderful 4th!  God bless America!


THIS SUNDAY, July 7th – ***Combined Summit Groups & Worship Service!***

Preacher: Jason

Primary Text:  Mark 10:46-52



All Summit Groups –  9:15

Worship Service – 10:45

Classroom Assignments: (if you see an issue simply let me know)

108 – Agape

Worship Center – Open Door

110 – Ladies (Smith)

208 – Duncan combined (Note: we’re recommending the combined classes here based on the logic that, if the early class meets at 8am, after class you would have to wait almost 90 minutes before the 10:45 worship service begins.  Of course, the 8am class is certainly free to meet at 8am should you desire to do so, understanding the situation I’ve stated here.)

209 – Travelers

210 – Wellspring

211 – Singles

212 – The Village

215 – Base Camp

216 – Generations

217 – Young Adults & University

218 – The Mix

219 – Transitions

FLC – Special Friends


TIME MAGAZINE:  U.S. suicide rates are at their highest since World War II

Even while gone on vacation, I was contacted by no less than 5 families who have either suffered the loss of a loved one to suicide, or have a loved on the brink of taking their own life.

Certainly, the topic of suicide is central to the Watts family.  But that’s not the only reason I, on occasion, mention articles such as this one. For those who may think otherwise, it’s a heart-breaking fact that suicide is at epidemic levels.  Read the brief article from Time Magazine here.



“The veracity of the Christian faith stands or falls with the resurrection of Jesus.”  Mike Licona



This is one of my favorites… (the televangelist in this photo, Peter Popoff, was exposed years ago with wearing a radio device in his ear so that an employee – his wife – could tell him names of people in the audience as well as maladies they had listed on prayer cards.)


GRACE NOTES:  Why Pray?  Does it really make any difference?

This week’s devotional thought includes my response to my daughter as we talked about question above.  Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick