The Navigator: 10.3.19



Preacher:  Nick

Primary Text:  1 Samuel 17



You have most likely read or heard about the Dallas cop who inadvertently entered the wrong apartment after her shift and shot who she believed was a burglar.  The shot was fatal.  Worse, it wasn’t her apartment.  The cop has been tried and convicted and will spend years in prison.

Different people have different opinions about this story.  Put those opinions aside for a moment.  You can read one of the many articles about this story of forgiveness here.  Below is the video of the victim’s brother telling his killer, “I forgive you.”  Grab a tissue.



As of 10/3, twenty-seven people have registered for this wonderful study.

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Course:  New Testament II (Acts & the Letters of Paul)

Professor:  Dr. Matt Baird

Time & Location:  6:30pm; Tuesdays; BHBC; FLC (room is changed due to large enrollment)

It’s never been easier to learn.


On Oct. 13th – Come and celebrate what Christ is doing in our midst!

Below is a list of the ministries that will be represented:

  1. Ambassadors
  2. BH Carroll
  3. Aspire-Special Friends – First Friday
  4. Missions – Operation CC; Lubbock Impact, Elevate, etc
  5. Wednesday night Community Classes:  Grief Share, Divorce Care, Strength to Love; other studies
  6. Worship – Choir, Praise Team, Sound Tech
  7. Students
  8. Children
  9. Biblical Learning: Summit Groups, Wed. Evening Classes & BH Carrol
  10. Senior Adults – flower ministry, Women who Pray, Sonshiner choir, Game Day, Prayer for the Nations; etc
  11. University
  12. Preschool – includes ministry safe information
  13. Women’s ministry – game night; brunch; retreat; Wed. nite study (not currently, but coming soon?) – Wed. morning study??
  14. Fall Festival

Food trucks will be on site to make grabbing lunch easy.  Whether you get your lunch on site or somewhere else, please make a point to swing back by the FLC to familiarize yourself with all Christ is doing in our midst.



our very first Summit Leadership (and spouses) Appreciation Dinner.

Date:  Sunday Evening, October 20th; 6pm; FLC

You can begin emailing your RSVP now.  Let us know if you’re coming and if anyone will be accompanying you so we can plan our food accordingly.  Simply email me and I’ll pass along your information to Tami Hines, our hostess.

Childcare:  please make your reservations for childcare no later than Oct. 13th so Janyth Brannon has plenty of time to make arrangements.

Prepare to be appreciated.



A Vermont friend of mine from grad school posted this article this past week from The Atlantic.  I submit the article here for you only because it is an interesting and intelligent article that prompts the reader to engage in careful thought.  Read the article here.

Of note:  the article attempts to argue for a dramatic increase in atheism in North America.  This must be taken with a grain of salt.  Philosophy professor, Paul Copan, cites:

“The number of atheists in America in recent history has remained fairly consistent. According to Gallup polls, 4 percent of Americans were atheists back in 2007—the same percentage as in 1944! Rumors of God’s death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Immediately below are my thoughts I shared on my friend’s Facebook page regarding the article.

Excellent. Balanced. Intelligent. A powerful quote: “Religion has lost its halo effect in the past three decades, not because science drove God from the public square, but rather because politics did.” This is precisely why, when teaching, I will occasionally remind people, “Jesus was neither a republican nor white.” Sadly, some are startled to hear that. :))

I well remember the “greed is good 80’s.” American transformed during that decade, giving way to the “Christian celebrity.” Christian music artists and pastors were, all of a sudden, idolized, with the more celebrated pastors marketing themselves through books and other media while purchasing jets and enormous homes. Contrast that with the life of Jesus.

I read a book once titled, “They Like Jesus But Not the Church.” The author, a Southern California pastor, got to know the people in the coffee shop at which he often studied. He began to ask them, “What do you think of when you hear the name ‘Jesus?” Every single person, regardless of their worldview, replied with words and phrases like “loving, caring for the poor, wise teacher, etc.”. He then asked a second question: “What do you think of when you hear the word ‘church?” He records that their countenance would immediately change. Their responses were filled with words like “hypocritical, judgmental, self-righteous, or even boring.”

Last thought: I once sat in a classroom listening to a talk by sociologist, Tony Campolo. He made a statement I’ve never forgotten, and completely agree with. He said, “America is not a Christian (religious) nation. But America is a deeply spiritual nation.”

I don’t know that I have an overriding point to my rambling here. The article just got me thinking.


While people in Americans may be complacent about their faith, check out what God is doing in other parts of the world…



Read the fascinating FOX News article here.





And a bonus…

An elderly cattleman from Texas once told a young female neighbor that the secret to living a long life was sprinkling a pinch of gun-powder on your oatmeal each morning.

This she did. And lived to the ripe old age of 103.

Upon her death, she left behind 9 children, 24 grandchildren, 17 great-grand children, 5 great-great grandchildren, and a 40 foot hole where the crematorium used to be.


GRACE NOTES:  Maranatha

Three times in the last chapter of our Bible Jesus says, “I’m on my way.”

Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick