The Navigator: 11.7.19


Preacher:  Jason

Primary Text:  2 Thessalonians 1:8-12



Over and over again, archaeology has proven the Bible to be true.  Of course, evidence of every ancient city and person mentioned in scriptures has not been discovered.  But, this we know to be true:  of all discoveries – and there are myriads of them to date – not a single one has contradicted the claims of the Bible. 

The article I’ve linked here for you centers around the discovery of the site where Jesus cast out the demoniac we know as “Legion.”

This article from Christianity Today is not new (it was first published in 2015) but I include it here to simply strengthen your faith and make you better prepared to engage in intelligent dialogue with skeptics and seekers where the Christian faith is concerned.

You can read the brief article here.


Each Fall, the BHBC Student Ministry produces a weekend of intense discipleship for our students.  The event is called Disciple Now, or D-Now, and is scheduled for November 22-24, the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.

The students are housed Fri & Sat evenings in Host Homes.  Students bring their own bedding and sleep on the floor.  Church vans help transport the students. All meals are provided by, and held at, BHBC, while the small group studies take place in the more intimate context of the Host Home.  An adult guest leader leads the studies and discussions.  All the Host Home does is provide the location.

Our new student pastor, Jordan Morales, sent an email out today asking if we may know anyone who may have room to host 7th grade boys.  Sadly, 7th grade boys tend to be chosen last because – well – they’re 7th grade boys i.e. full of energy, sweaty, typically lagging behind the girls in maturity, etc. (I can say this because I once was a 7th grade boy.)  But, I can tell you they are precious.

In all my years of Student Ministry I rarely saw more lasting spiritual growth in our students than that which was produced during D-Now events.

If you are interested in helping, or you know someone who may be interested, please give Jordan a call here at the office.  Or email her at:


Boxes are available NOW at the north kiosk. (not many left)

Deadline to return the boxes is Sunday, 11/15.



Most of you know Joyce Rowe.  She is a precious lady.  Charter member of BHBC. Plays keyboard in our early service.  Humble.  Funny.  A joy to be around.

Did you also know she’s lost a son to suicide, a son who was killed by a drunk driver, and a husband to alzheimer’s?

A week from today on Nov. 14th, she will be speaking on “coping with grief during the holidays” at Lake Ridge Chapel, located at 82nd & Iola.  Should you, or someone you know, need this – I simply wanted you to be aware of the resource.



Categorize this under “let’s try it and see if it works.”

As an FYI – There has been discussion of whether or not offering a Wed. evening meal would help working families be better able to attend mid-week activities.  After said discussion, the following was decided.

Wed. Evening Meals begin:  1/8

Time:  5:30-6:30pm  (for those already done eating, Jason will be leading a brief prayer service in the Worship Center at 6pm)

Where:  FLC

Deadline for weekly reservations:  Monday, noon.

Meal will be catered by local restaurants.

Cost:  $10 per meal.  So as to be responsible, reservations will not be taken until payment is made.  No refunds for cancellations.

I am told, if it works we’ll keep it.  If not, we’ll stop it.





I know you could add words and phrases to this list.  Stay with it until No. 10 – that one would be really funny if it wasn’t so true.


GRACE NOTES:  The Self-Correcting Property of being Thankful

Of course, thanksgiving is not, for a Christian, a discipline to be practiced once every November.  It should characterize us throughout life.  Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick