The Navigator: Special Announcement


What follows, should you not already be aware, is what we are releasing to our respective leadership teams this week so you are not blind-sided on Sunday.  Please help us by using similar verbiage when asked about this topic.

This past week, our lead pastor, Jason Atchley, submitted his resignation.  This was his decision.  Jason visited with, both, Personnel and the deacon body this past Sunday, Jan. 5th.

The Personnel Team has already met twice and are doing an outstanding job of making certain we don’t miss a beat.

Personnel has asked myself, Mike Lewis & Dana Kluzek to “fulfill the duties of the pastor” regarding daily operations.  Please know that the office is in excellent hands and functioning perfectly.  We are galvanized in our friendships and ministry.

This Sunday, Jan. 12th, Clint Hutcheson, chairman of Personnel, will make the announcement at the conclusion of both worship services.

Should you desire to know more please attend this Sunday.

Please do not ask me questions at this point as I do not have permission to share any further information.