The Navigator: 8.13.2020


Preacher:  DL Lowrie

Other:  At the conclusion of both worship services, I will be presenting a brief explanation regarding our campaign to retire the debt incurred from our new construction.  Based on the conclusion of Jesus’ model prayer in Matthew 6, our slogan is summed up in three words: “For the Kingdom.”  This is not merely a ‘slogan.’ Rather, it is a biblical mandate, an axiom of theology.  And I am thrilled to elaborate on its implications this Sunday morning.  Could it be that an emphasis on retiring debt can also serve as a period of widespread spiritual growth – even revival?  According to God, it can.


Would you do me an enormous favor and make certain to have someone in your class take roll every Sunday?

Many of you already faithfully do this.  But, COVID has upset the norm in many ways.  As such, I simply wanted to remind you that we need this weekly data to monitor the health of our Sunday School attendance.

Why is this data important?  (Glad you asked.)

Small Groups/Sunday School is the backbone of any church.  This is where ‘community’ takes place and takes root.  It’s where, due to the more intimate context, people can openly engage in dialogue and human connection.  People get lost in a ‘crowd’ (corporate worship), but they connect in a ‘community’ (small groups).

I am so very grateful for you.  Continue to faithfully shepherd your sheep, loving them, teaching them, and caring for them.  Every single thing you do matters, because it’s done for Christ.


What are you presently teaching?

All of you are faithful to let me know when you are completing one series and beginning another, but COVID has affected my memory.

Would you be so kind as to reply to this email and update me on what you are presently teaching?  I would like to update our Small Group page on our church’s web site.


Dana Kluzek (children), Janyth Brannon (preschool) & Jordan Morales (youth) have put together a thorough list of guidelines that will be implemented on 8/23 (when those ministries resume) to help protect both children and volunteers from COVID.  I will resist listing all those guidelines here since, together, they comprise nine pages of material. That said, below are some general policies:

Re-Opening Protocols for the Family Ministry Team

When you enter each Family Ministry Area:           

*Everyone will have their temperature checked before entering.

*There will be someone at the check in stations ready to sign you in.

*Chairs will be spread out for social distancing.

*Masks are required, but once teachers are in their classroom they are free to remove it if they choose.

*No food or drink will be served.

*Only parents and children are allowed in the Family Ministry areas (those who are not teaching or dropping off/picking up will not be allowed in).

*Please read and observe all signs in the Family Ministry Areas.



The Bible strongly indicates the Jews will build a third and final temple in the end times.  DanielJesus, Paul and John in the book of Revelation describe events that could only occur if the temple were rebuilt.  Additionally, as you will find in the article linked here, it appears God is stirring the hearts of the Jews toward that goal.

God is moving the chess pieces into place before he calls “checkmate.”

From the article:

“Although Kallner implied that the group won’t outright lobby to build the Third Temple, he did say that building it is the “dream of the Jewish people.”

Read the article here.

Maranatha – Come, Lord Jesus. nw



Have you ever been chosen to sit on a jury?  I have.  Twice.

I distinctly remember sorting through evidence as we inched toward a verdict.

Linked here for your critical thinking is an outstanding blog written by physicist, Michael Strauss, for those skeptics who are truly honest in desiring to know if the Christian faith is reasonable.

I found this blog especially interesting because Strauss appeals to one’s understanding of courtroom-related evidence and its relation to scientific/empirical evidence.  Read the brief blog here.



I’m hoping (strongly) this article was written tongue-in-cheek.  Otherwise, the article would be hard to bear.

The following is from the article. Should you and a friend be attacked by a bear the National Park Service states:

“Do NOT push down a slower friend (even if you think the friendship has run its course),”

Like you, I’m shaking my head that this story even needs to be written (clearly, this has happened before and necessitated the article.)  But, just in case you need to be reminded, here are instructions telling you that if you and a friend are being chased by a bear don’t push your friend down so that the bear will attack them while you make it to safety.  Read the article here.



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“At the cross, Christ has taken your story of misery upon Himself and He has given you His story of resurrection and hope.” – Edward Welch; Depression: A Stubborn Darkness



So true…


SOUL FOOD:  Does God Hear Every Single Word We Say? (You bet he does)

“By your words you will be acquitted, by your words you will be condemned.”  – Jesus Christ

Read the blog here.

Soli Deo Gloria, Nick