That Navigator: 9.17.2020


Preacher:  DL Lowrie


Offering Totals Update:

After more offerings and pledges were turned in after Sunday, the following figures are current:

Cash given on Sunday:  $35,000

Pledges for next twelve months:  $285,000


Wednesday Evenings Resume for BHBC Student Ministry!

A huge thanks to our student ministry volunteers for loving God and loving students.

Students will meet in the FLC at 6:30 throughout the Fall Semester:

10/7 – Group 1 testimonies

10/14 – Family Night with Dana

10/21 – 11/4 – Group 2, 3 & 4 testimonies

11/11 – Family Night with Dana

11/18 – Help students prepare and share testimonies

11/25 – Thanksgiving holiday

12/2 – Family Night with Dana


Online Lord’s Supper – 9/27

As we did in April due to COVID, Pastor Lowrie will lead us, virtually, in the observance of the Lord’s Supper the evening of Sep. 27th.  After being recorded ahead of time, the video will be published on the BHBC web site on the evening 9/27.  Since the video will remain on our web site, you and your family can observe the ordinance privately in your home any time that is convenient for you.


A Brief Biblical Principle from this Past Wed. Evening’s Time of Learning:

In John 6:16-24, we find the familiar passage recounting Jesus walking on the surface of the Sea of Galilee.  John doesn’t mince words as he describes the reaction of the tough, weathered fishermen:  “they were terrified.”

Jesus comforts the disciples by assuring them, “It is I; don’t be afraid.”

But there’s more to Jesus’ statement here.  Much more.

The Greek words used for “It is I” are the same Greek words used for each time Jesus proclaims “I Am” throughout John’s gospel.  Using God’s covenant name given to Moses at the burning bush, the Jews knew exactly what Jesus was saying:  “I AM the Word made Flesh, I AM Almighty God.”

Life, under normal circumstances, can be scary.  Add COVID to that and the anxiety of many has gone through the roof.  Regardless of how rough the waters become, listen.  And what you’ll hear is Jesus saying, “I AM here.  I’ve got you. Trust me.”


Fall Fest! Sort of…

Due to COVID (it seems like I’ve begun most of my statements with that phrase this year), we will not be hosting our traditional Fall Fest in late October.  However, Dana and her brilliant team will be putting together “Fall Fest Bags” for children.  These bags will contain resources for knowing Jesus, info about BHBC and, of course, candy.  Dana has let informed us to let folks know that we can begin collecting candy now.


The Mary Hill Davis offering is the annual cooperative offering led by the Baptist General Convention of Texas.  Unlike the Lottie Moon Offering in the Spring, which is given for foreign missions, the Mary Hill Davis Offering goes toward church-starts and mission strictly in the state of Texas. For the next two Sundays, 9/20-9/27, we will highlight this mission emphasis, inviting people to give.


JORDAN MORALES – Farewell Reception: 9/27; Commons

Please bring thank you notes and/or a gift card to show Jordan how grateful we are for the Lord sharing her with us.


For a list of Search Team members, or to know the steps for communicating with the Team, please see click herePray for them!



For Pastor Lowrie’s most recent sermon, click here.

For my lesson on John 5 last week, click here.



In regard to God shielding Moses with his own hand to protect him from dying from the exposure to God’s glory (Exodus 33:18-23), Tim Keller comments:

“Moses is protected from God by God.  That’s the gospel.”



From the mouths of babes…


SOUL FOOD:  The Agnosticism of Science

A complement to last week’s blog.  You can read the blog here.

Soli Deo Gloria, Nick