The Navigator: 12.17.2020

NOTE:  This will be the final Navigator E-news for 2020.  The next one will be published on January 7th.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday.  Nick



Due to the dramatic decrease in attendance (this is consistent in all churches, not just BHBC), a motion will be made in both worship services this Sunday, 12/20, to forgo a minimum number of people required to be present to vote when a pastoral candidate comes to preach in view of a call to be our next pastor.

The Bylaws state a quorum of 250 members must be present.  Presently, we are running in the 180’s.


12/20 – Regular schedule

12/24Christmas Eve Service; 5pm; DL will pre-record leading the Lord’s Supper for those who might want to observe communion during the Christmas holiday.  You can do so by accessing our web site.

12/25 – Offices closed

12/27 (Sunday) – Combined worship; 9:15 – Small Groups; 10:45 – Worship Service

1/1 – Offices closed

1/3 (Sunday) – Combined worship; 9:15 – Small Groups; 10:45 – Worship Service

***12/21-12/31 – Offices open from 9 until noon.


FINAL TABLE TALK of 2020:  A Strange Way to Save the World

Based on the number of people who watch these Table Talks on my Facebook page it is clear that there are many people looking for truth and hope in our world.  My prayer this week is that you will see the baby in the manger as never before.

We are perplexed not only by the “how” of Christmas, but also the “why.”  Strap up your sandals and let’s journey to Bethlehem together.  Let’s better understand the psychopath known as King Herod who so desperately tried to prevent the coming of the promised Messiah.  Let’s “peek over the shoulders” of Joseph and Mary as they settle into a cattle stall that first Christmas.  Let’s walk along side the shepherds in the nearby field as the sky explodes with light and great joy.   And, let’s take a new and fresh look at the baby in the manger.  nw



You, no doubt, recognize the above phrase from Psalm 19.  In his Reflections on the Psalms, C.S. Lewis wrote,

“I take Psalm 19 to be the greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the greatest lyrics in the world.”

As I have before mentioned, there is a “geek side” to me in that I have a deep love for studying astronomy as well as astrophysics.  So, when I stumbled across the article linked for you here titled, “Astronomers Just Mapped 1 Million Previously Unknown Galaxies,” I knew I had to share it with you.  Why?  Because, when you look at the baby in your Nativity Scene, it can be easy to forget that that baby, being God, is the one who spoke these galaxies into their very existence.  Read the article here.





And, a bonus…for those who are using a real tree:


SOUL FOOD:  Two entries this week…

Why We Sing “Joy” and not “Happiness” to the World – read the blog here.

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day – read the blog here.

Merry Christmas, St. Nick