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9:15 & 10:45 – Sammy reminds us that Easter nears!

4pm – 2021-22 BHBC Budget Town Hall Meeting; worship center



I hear nothing but great things about your classes.  And I could never convey to you in words how much I appreciate your love, shepherding and preparation. The only regret I have about our worship services being back-to-back is that I can’t attend a small group class.  That said, in the coming weeks, after I am done with my responsibilities in the worship services, I will be dropping by and sitting in.  I’ll contact you the week before I plan on visiting your class.


THE 7 LAWS OF THE LEARNER: Spiritual & Practical Growth for Teachers

To whet your biblical-teaching appetite, allow me to quote the creator of the 7 Laws, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson:

This may sound a bit unusual, but the 7 Laws are the result of ten years of repentance – my repentance.  Though I had been teaching and preaching all my life, I found to my utter surprise and dismay that much of my philosophy and practice of communication had been wrong.  Incredibly wrong.  Tragically wrong.  (This coming from a guy who launched ‘Walk Through the Bible’ and has trained 100,000 professional teachers.)

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking you’ve learned it all.  Even Paul, writer of the third of the New Testament confessed he had much to learn.  Rick Warren’s axiom is accurate:  When you stop learning, you stop leading.

Mark your calendars for Sun. evening, 4/18, at 5pm, Rm. 108, when we will come together to sharpen our teaching and shepherding skills.  This is required for all Small Group Leadership, both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  The 7 Laws are the kind of tools every leader wants in their ‘toolbox.”  Should you need childcare please let me know by 4/11.



BHBC is headed to Colorado this June 17-22.  For an introduction to this missional work watch Sammy’s brief video below.



This is an outstanding article written by Australian Christian author, John Dickson.  Most are aware of the writings of 1st century Roman historian, Tacitus, and 1st century Jewish historian, Josephus, and their references to Jesus, making the question of his existence virtually indisputable. However, Dickson takes extra-biblical references even further.

Even Bart Ehrman, a historian and professor at Duke who describes himself as “agnostic with atheistic leanings,” in his book, Did Jesus Exist?, wrote:

The reality is that whatever else you may think about Jesus, he certainly did exist.

Read the solid article by John Dickson here.


A Nugget of Truth from this week’s time of Learning:  John 16The Forgotten God

In his book, The Mystery of the Holy Spirit, R.C. Sproul is spot on:

“Because the Spirit is mysterious, we are vulnerable to superstitions and distortions of his person and work.”

For a couple of reasons, Baptists are either biblically ignorant of, or ignore altogether, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Even the beloved and learned Chuck Swindoll admits:

“During my growing up years, including my years in seminary, I kept a safe distance [from talking about the Holy Spirit.]  I was taught to be careful…not to enter into any of the realms of His supernatural workings or to tolerate the possibility of such.

But, John MacArthur wrote precisely what Swindoll affirms:

Outside of the command for unbelievers to trust in Christ for salvation, there is no more practical and necessary command in Scripture than the one for believers to be filled with His Spirit. Although every Christian is indwelt, baptized, and sealed by the Spirit, unless they are also filled with the Spirit, they will live in spiritual weakness, frustration and defeat.

This past Wed., we mined the scriptures regarding the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.  Why? Because Jesus had much to say to his disciples about the Spirit’s arrival on the night before he was crucified.  The disciples were confused, and, sadly, most believers even today, are no different.

Francis Chan, in his book, The Forgotten God:

There is a big gap between what we read in scripture about the Holy Spirit and how most believers and churches operate today… If I were Satan, and my ultimate goal was to thwart God’s kingdom and purposes, one of my main strategies would be to get Christians to ignore the Holy Spirit.

He continues:

The church becomes irrelevant when it becomes a purely human creation.  We are not all we were made to be when everything in our lives and churches can be explained apart from the work and presence of the Spirit of God.

We finished the time of learning focusing on why much of North American Church culture is impotent in its effort to change their communities.  Paul wrote to the Ephesians:

“Don’t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life.  Instead, let the Holy Spirit fill and control you.”

Don’t miss this:  Paul is writing to Christians So why would he admonish them to be filled with the Holy Spirit?  Doesn’t the Spirit already fill us?  No, he doesn’t.  At the moment of conversion, you were immediately indwelt by the Holy Spirit.  But, based on Paul’s words to the Ephesians Christians, although we are indwelt by the Spirit, this in no way suggests we are filled with the Spirit.

The fruit of the Spirit is evident in us only when we allow the Spirit to fill and control us.  For example, when we gossip, hold grudges, have issues with patience, anger, hatred, sexual sin, criticize, pass judgment on others, and so on, although we are indwelt by the Spirit, we are most clearly not being filled with Him.

You can watch the lesson in its entirety below.

FYI, the remaining Wed. evening schedule:

  • 3/31 – John 18-19 – Medical Account of the Crucifixion of Christ
  • 4/7 – John 20 – The Resurrection of Christ
  • 4/14 – John 21 – Jesus is risen!  What difference does that make?
  • Next Fall – the book of Daniel



  • 3/28 – 5pm; Town Hall Discussion regarding 2021-2022 church budget.
  • 3/31 – 6:30pm; Budget Vote only; no discussion
  • 4/4 – Easter Sunday; regular schedule except we’re adding an 8am worship service to accommodate the larger Easter crowd. If at all possible, make plans to attend one of the two earlier services to allow room for people who don’t normally attend.  These folks typically attend the later service.
  • VBS; new schedule and concept – Once again, Dana Kluzek is on the cutting edge of creativity and ministry efficiency.  This year, VBS will take place on successive Wed. evenings in June: 6/2, 6/9, 6/16, 6/23, and 6/30. Each evening will begin with a simple meal in the FLC.  Dana has asked for classes to consider providing one of those meals.  Also, if you are interested in serving as a VBS volunteer contact Dana.
  • Youth Camp – June 7-12; Lone Tree Bible Ranch; Capitan, NM.
  • Mission Delta – June 17-22; Delta, CO.



Fascinating…  Read the article here.



“Much of the history of Christianity has been devoted to domesticating Jesus – to reducing that elusive, enigmatic, paradoxical person to dimensions we can comprehend, understand, and convert to our own purposes.  So far it hasn’t worked.” – Andrew Greeley



A lady took out an ad in the classifieds:  “Husband Wanted.”  The next day she received a hundred replies. They all said the same thing:  “You can have mine.”

A young son asked, “Is it true, Dad, that in some countries a man doesn’t know his wife until he marries her?”  Dad replied, “That happens in every country, son.”


SOUL FOOD: America & the Supernatural

Read the blog here.

Soli Deo Gloria, Nick