The Navigator: 8.13.21


  • 4pm – Sunday School Leadership Workshop
  • 5pm – Corporate prayer for administration, teachers & students


I need you there!  Why?  Because, even if you know every single thing I have to share, others will need to hear what you have to share.

  • Who?  All Adult Sunday School Leadership
  • When?  Sunday, Aug 15th; 4-5pm
  • Where? Rm. 108
  • What are we doing?  Sharpening our shepherding & teaching skills, as well as unveiling BHBC’s Fall emphasis.


The question is not only, “Was there strong Bible teaching?”, but also, “Was there strong Bible learning?”  This week’s tip: environmental context

Do you remember being a child in school?  At that age we had no clue how much work our teachers put in to help us learn.

There’s a reason, even during the pandemic, people still flock to Disney World & Disneyland.  Years ago I read a book titled, The Disney Way.  The author writes,

“It is no easy matter to convey a dream.  Dreams are, by nature, deeply personal experiences.  But, true to his imaginative genius, Walt Disney was able to transform his dreams into stories that effectively articulated his vision to others.”

I like to remind anyone who teaches/preaches of James’ (the half-brother of Jesus) warning to teachers:

“Not many [of you] should become teachers [serving in an official teaching capacity], my brothers and sisters, for you know that we [who are teachers] will be judged by a higher standard.” – Amplified

Is your idea of helping people learn solely lecturing?  Or, is it bigger than that?  Now, let’s change a few words in the quote above from The Disney Way and translate it to biblical teaching:

“It is no easy matter to convey [biblical truth – Satan will make sure of it].  [Convictions] are, by nature, deeply personal experiences.  But, true to his [masterful skill in teaching, using parables, imagery and object lessons to appeal to the God-given gift of human imagination], [Jesus] was able to [teach biblical truth] in a way that effectively articulated [truth] to [his listeners].”

One way to accomplish this is to prepare you environmental context, helping it accomplish your goal of articulating your passion for instilling within your class biblical truth.

The best example of this is my wife, Michelle.  Like Belle, in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, she loves books.  We even have a library in our home.  She instilled within me a passion to read and study – to dare to venture through Lewis’ wardrobe, so to speak.

In her classroom stands the book-arch pictured for you below.  Was it hard work drilling holes in those old books and erecting that steel arch?  I can promise you it was.  But, when her students (and fellow teachers) enter the room they are struck with an image that helps articulate Michelle’s passion for instilling within them a discipline and passion for reading, learning how to enter the world of the author.

And that’s what we’re doing every week (at least it should be) – helping our listeners enter to the world of the Author.  Not just learn about Christ, but to appropriate him into our very lives.

You are all volunteers.  You don’t have time to erect book-arches.  But, you can ask God, “What can I do for my learning environment to help my class ‘pick up what I’m putting down?”  The old saying is that “what is always taught by the teacher is not always caught by the students.”  Hard work?  Yes.  But, as James, in essence, wrote, “if you’re not willing to cook, get out of the kitchen.”


Mid-week opportunities for learning & discipleship are set!  Click here to see this Fall’s line-up.  Meal – 5:30 (must make a reservation by noon on Monday); classes – 6:30-7:30.



To date, not one archaeological discovery has contradicted the testimony of scripture.  (And it never will.) Every find only supports and strengthens the Bible’s credibility.

Case in point:  this recent article from Smithsonian MagazineRead the article here.



Do you know people who avoid conflict at all costs?  (The result is interpersonal decay.) Do you know people who enjoy conflict? (Those people need professional counseling.)

You can be assertive without being aggressive.  Jesus demonstrated this over and over again.  Then Paul later summed up one of the axioms of having tough conversations: “Speak the truth in love.”  Sure, sometimes even speaking the truth in love can go sideways – which is why Paul asked the Galatians, “Have I now become your enemy while telling you the truth?  But, the goal is to remove misunderstanding and/or respectfully agree to disagree.

By the way, this article is secular, not taken from a Christian web site.  But, I want you to notice something:  the word “respect” is used in some form ten different times.  Even a lost world knows what’s important when having difficult conversations.

Read the article here.


Friendly reminder: Please mark your calendar for Sunday evening, October 3rd; 6pm, in our FLC.  Spouses are invited.   Guest speaker:  Dr. Jim Hardwicke.  (More about Jim in the coming weeks.)




“It is true that every person who has believed in Jesus is perfectly pardoned. There is against them no sin in God’s book.” – Spurgeon




SOUL FOOD:  Christian Theology: What is it, exactly?

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Soli Deo Gloria, Nick