The Navigator: 9.16.21


After last Sunday’s service (9/12), I walked to my car and just sat there in silence, overwhelmed with God’s grace and mercy.  Jerry Joplin and D.L. Lowrie were used mightily by Christ.

This Sunday, Sammy begins unpacking the vision God has given him for the next season of BHBC.


We’ve arrived at the deadline, this Sunday 9/19, to confirm your reservation for our inaugural Appreciation Banquet.

**My heart rejoices at the fact that we are at near 100% attendance for all leadership.  Present attendance stands at fifty-four!

About our speaker, Jim Hardwicke: Jim and his wife, Michelle, live in Springfield, MO., and have three grown children.  My youth pastor when I began going to church in high school, it was under Jim’s compassionate leadership and influence that I gave my life to Jesus in way of full-time, vocational ministry.  Jim went on to pastor in Missouri, eventually earning his Ph.D.

I’ve visited at length with Jim and am thrilled at what the Lord has laid on his heart to tell us.


New Adult Classes begin this Sunday, Sep 19th!

  • 9:15am – Young Professionals – taught by Shawn Coleman; Rm. 218
  • 9:15am – Cornerstone (all ages) – taught by Mike & Kristen Lewis; Rm. 215


The question is not only, “Was there strong Bible teaching?”, but also, “Was there strong Bible learning?”  This week’s tip: learning by asking questions

I remember as a kid in school, when I didn’t understand what the teacher was saying I was always embarrassed to raise my hand and ask a question.  Little did I know, no one else in the class had a clue either and were equally embarrassed, or just didn’t care.

Recently, I came across the following post on Twitter.

If you think about the scenes the biblical writers describe as Jesus taught, you’ll remember numerous examples of intelligent people asking him questions:  Nicodemus is a perfect example, as well as Jesus’ own disciples.

Asking questions actually demonstrates diligence and a mature and aggressive desire to learn.  For, there is so much to learn that we do not know.  And, how are we going to learn if we don’t ask hard questions?



Almost everything we’re fed by the media is the side of sports that embodies scandal, controversy,  and anything else that happens to fit their narrative.  However, there is so much more going on than meets the public eye.  Below are a bunch of big, strong men on their knees before the King of Kings.


  1. Is the Bible a fairy tale based on legend? Scholars agree that legends grow over time i.e. more embellishment, not less. The earliest gospel, Mark, was written around 65 AD. The latest gospel, John, was written some 30 years later. Yet, John records less of Jesus’ miracles than Mark. Skeptics fail to mention this.
  2. Evidence for God: A collection of up quarks, down quarks, and electrons is reading this sentence.” – Steve Robinson, professor of physics, Belmont University


QUOTE(s) of the WEEK

This first quote is actually a prayer.

“I thank You, my Creator, that You have given me joys in Your creation and ecstasy over the work of Your hands. I have known the glory of Your works as far as my finite spirit was able to comprehend Your infinity.  If have said anything wholly unworthy of You, or have aspired after my own glory, graciously forgive me.” – Johannes Kepler, “An Astronomer’s Prayer”; Kepler was a key figure of the 17th century Scientific Revolution, and formulator of the three laws of planetary motion.


God’s patience with our sin does not suggest his approval. Never confuse the two.




SOUL FOOD: Revenge

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Soli Deo Gloria, Nick