The Navigator: 1.6.22


  • Begin asking the Holy Spirit to bring to mind those within your “oikos” (sphere of influence) who need Christ.  And remember – always – before you talk to people about Jesus, talk to Jesus about those people.  Then, ask the Lord for opportunities/divine appointments for talking to them about Jesus.



  • This Sunday our church will be introduced to a 30-Day devotional booklet to help us daily engage the Word of God.  Encourage your people to pick up a copy.





All classes begin at 6:30pm except GriefShare which begins at 6pm.  For an overview of each class click here.

  • Engaging God’s Word; Sammy Elliott; FLC
  • Mere Christianity: Clarity in the Basics; Nick Watts; Worship Center
  • Ladies Bible Study – “He’s Where the Joy Is”;  Gail White
  • University – “Christ and Culture”; Shawn Coleman (off campus)
  • GriefShare; Joyce Rowe; Rm. 209
  • Also, learning opportunities for youth & children



A few years ago, I had lunch with Particle Physicist, Dr. Michael Strauss, and listened to him talk about “theistic evolution.”  I have since studied what that implies.

I don’t hold woodenly to everything written in the article linked here but, as always, I like to pass along articles and quotes that help Christians think deeply and stay updated and informed about such things so as to help equip us to have intelligent dialogue with skeptics where the Christian faith is concerned.

Topics such as this one are what we call “non-essential.”  In other words, it’s perfectly okay to disagree on doctrines about which the Bible is not crystal clear.

For example, there is the “young earth vs. old earth” debate.  After I posted my opinion on the age of the universe (and earth) when considered in light of time dilation, presented by Jewish physicist, Gerald Shroeder,  I had a friend almost angrily insinuate that if I didn’t believe the earth was no more than 6000 years old I was a heretic in danger of leading the world astray.  This, of course, is nonsense.  And, enjoying a healthy debate, I let my friend know it was nonsense while also defending my openness to a much older universe and earth.  (By the way, we amicably agreed to disagree.)  Schroeder’s interpretation of Genesis 1 and its relation to cosmology is explained in a short blog by astrophysicist (and Christian), Sarah SalvianderYou can read it here.

The theme of the article linked here is to simply let the reader understand that, with every scientific discovery, God is more and more making himself known.

From the article:

Nathan Lents, a secular professor of biology at John Jay College, told Fox News Digital that recent developments have made Adam and Eve more plausible. “I would not say that there is any evidence, historical or scientific, in favor of the existence of Adam and Eve, as they are presented in the Bible,” Lents said. “However, there have been developments in our understanding of ancestry and genetics that allow for the possibility of universal ancestors of the entire human population in the surprisingly recent past.”

Dr. Joshua Swamidass, whose scientific findings the writer quotes, is a devoted Christian and strong defender of the Christian faith (as is the Particle Physicist I mentioned earlier.)

Read the full FOX News article here.



Kurt Warner went from stocking groceries during the “graveyard shift” to Super Bowl MVP.   American Underdog fills in the blanks with the powerful story that connects “grocery store stock boy” to, now, member of the NFL Hall of Fame.

The movie powerfully addresses numerous levels of humanity and struggle, and helps the audience see that there’s always hope – no matter our present circumstances.

Warner is a follower of Jesus Christ and has served Christ faithfully.

My favorite quote from the movie:

“You gotta do what you gotta do before you can do what you wanna do.”

In other words, “bloom where you’re planted.”  Or, as Jesus said, “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.”


QUOTE(s) of the WEEK

Faith can’t be trusted unless it can be tested.

Faith is like a muscle.  It cannot grow stronger unless it is exercised.



Why “spell-check” is your friend…


A man went out and spent some time with some good friends. He got carried away and had a little too much to drink. He shares the rest of his story as follows…  “Feeling I might have been a little over the limit, I did something I’ve never done before – I took a cab home. Sure enough, on the way home there was a police roadblock. But since it was a cab they waved it past. I arrived home safely and without incident. This was a real surprise as I had never driven a cab before.”


SOUL FOOD:  Don’t Read the Bible Through in a Year

I posted this blog on social media as the calendar rolled over to 2022, and it received a lot of traction.

Bottom line:  it doesn’t matter how we choose to read and study the scriptures – just as long we do read it, consistently.

In my experience as a pastor, I have found that, after one makes the New Year resolution to read the Bible through in a year, they often quickly get bogged down somewhere in the Pentateuch and call it quits.

Read the blog here.

Soli Deo Gloria, Nick