The Navigator: 1.20.22


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This week’s tip:  Punctuality

I know…I know.  “Here’s Nick talking about being on time again.”  Honestly, since I lead in the early worship service, and not free to walk the halls, I don’t ever know who’s on time and who’s not.  So, this is not one of those “passive-aggressive pokes” at someone in particular.

This is merely a loving reminder that being on time matters.  Of course, there will be Sundays when unexpected crises arise that either cause us to be late, or miss altogether.

But, when things are going smoothly make certain and arrive a couple of minutes before your class is scheduled to begin.  Being there when folks arrive and making yourself available to welcome them speaks volumes – especially to guests.

Can you imagine a shepherd not being in their place while the sheep are searching for them?  You’re the entrusted shepherd of Jesus’ sheep.


**Equipping ourselves to be able to engage in intelligent dialogue where the Christian faith is concerned.

The Faith of Christianity vs. the Faith of Atheism (or any other worldview)

I saw the quote at the quote below posted in a “proof for the existence of God” debate. I thought it was a very kind and thoughtful response. Good food-for-thought.

“The claim is that to believe there is no God, or to lack belief in a God, still requires faith.  You have to trust that the arguments of natural theology are false.  You have to trust that the information in DNA arose without an intelligent mind.

You have to have faith that consciousness arose out of dead inert matter. The list goes on and on. It takes faith to look at the universe and all it’s creative wonder and come out thinking that atheism is a better explanation than theism.”

All worldviews are faith-worldviews.  Like so many others, I simply don’t have enough faith to dismiss the evidence for the biblical worldview.

Think deeply, nw


MERE CHRISTIANITY: Clarity in the Basics

Each week, I’ll include an introduction and video link to this past week’s opportunity for learning.  I missed you last week so I’m including Week One and Two here.

Week One: God the Creator

Why did I begin with “God the Creator?”  It just seemed logical.  For the very first sentence in our Bible says, “In the beginning, God created…”  As we look not only biblically, but rationally and scientifically, at the cosmos, the evidence is overwhelming that the Bible is true regarding creation and a Creator.  Of course, you can believe whatever you want.  But, if you’re honest, scientific discovery related to cosmology sure sounds a whole lot like Genesis 1.   In Miracles, C.S. Lewis wrote, “No philosophical theory which I have yet come across is a radical improvement on the words of Genesis, that “in the beginning God made the Heaven and Earth.”  I would have to agree.


Week Two: God’s Wrath vs. God’s Love

How do I reconcile God’s wrath with God’s love? How can I trust a God who, except for eight people, killed the entire population of earth in a flood? How do you explain a God who appears to have commanded genocide in the Old Testament with the Son of God, Jesus, who taught us to love our enemies in the New Testament?



The Pleiades (PLEE-uh-deez), or the Seven Sisters. It’s not a constellation, but an asterism and open cluster of young stars. It’s located 444 light-years from Earth in the constellation Taurus.

You actually see it almost every day – every time you see a Subaru logo.



I’ve known Eric Chaffin for a long time.  Presently, he’s on the pastoral staff at Southcrest Baptist Church here in Lubbock.  Below is the text from an email he sent out looking for help with his schooling.

I’m writing to request approximately 3 minutes of your time. My name is Eric Chaffin. I’m one of the Associate Pastors at Southcrest Baptist Church. I am currently working on a doctorate through Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and have now entered into the dissertation phase. In order to properly design my dissertation project, which focuses on discipleship ministry in the local church, I need responses from you, the lay Bible teachers in our Lubbock area Baptist Churches. There are only 10 questions, most of which are simple yes/no questions. If you would take a brief moment to answer these and submit your survey it would not only help me tremendously, but you will have my heartfelt gratitude!

Access the survey by following this link:


PREVIEW: “I can’t love my enemies”

Usually, when a social media post of mine gains traction it’s “shared” 50-ish times.  But, apparently a recent post I titled “I can’t love my enemies” resonated with the masses.  At present, it’s been shared 101 times.  I’ll include it in next week’s Navigator.


QUOTE(s) of the WEEK

Out of 100 people, one will read the Bible, and ninety-nine will read the Christian. – DL Moody


Some people feel the rain, others just get wet. – Bob Marley




SOUL FOOD:  Should everyone be able to claim their own truth?

At the 2018 Golden Globe Awards Oprah Winfrey said,

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”

Embedded within this week’s very brief blog is a video clip (less than two minutes in length).  Dr. Paul Copan kindly and intelligently disassembles the foolish idea that there can be multiple “truths.” Read the blog here.

Soli Deo Gloria, Nick